GB East Naperville Notice UPDATE

March 16, 2020by bigpromoter

Hello team,

With your safety in mind, GB Downers Grove and GB East Naperville admin team is speeding up with the transition of our classes 100% over to the virtual platform as of today at noon until end of March. While we are moving away from the in-person classes at the moment, we want to remind everyone on how the admin team is working hard to continue your jit jitsu journey not only with us, but with the entire Gracie Barra worldwide:

  1. Issuing all active members access to GB Online for free (normally for purchase). This amazing website (check it out at is full of all of our weekly lesson plans and curriculums taught by the greatest leaders in the Jiu-Jitsu community. This would be a great opportunity to review any old lessons, practice the current ones, or view the future lessons (kids, fundamentals, advanced, NoGi, takedowns, and more! All from the comfort of your home). If you or your child is an active member of GBDG/GBEN, click here to request the code. The admins will review the request, and send you the code once it’s released by Gracie Barra.
  2. Teaching special virtual classes through our members-only closed group on Facebook so that people can watch, participate from home, and even ask specific questions about techniques. We will start testing out these virtual sessions starting Monday, 3/16. If you haven’t joined the group, click here to request access to this group ASAP. Daily virtual sessions are offered Monday through Friday on the following schedule:
    * 11 am: Adults fundamental class
    * 5:30 pm: Kids all-levels class
    * 6:30 pm: Adults advanced class

We want to remind everyone that it takes a village to sustain our journey together, and we really count on your support during this difficult time. Please kindly let us know if you have questions or need assistance accessing the resources above.

Wishing you health and peace,

Admin Team, Gracie Barra East Naperville
+1 ‪(331) 444-2154‬