1- Before class

  • Students should change at home and come ready for class
  • Every student should bring a water bottle
  • Every student should try to use the bathroom before coming for class so that bathroom usage remains minimal

2 – Just before class

  • Parents should drop off of the car. The ancillary staff person should receive each student; this person should have a mask and should ask each dropping parent the following questions before a student gets off the car:
Anyone in the family whom the student has been in contact with or the student has had any fever, shortness of breath, cough, or contact with anyone with known COVID19?
If the answer is NO to all the questions, then the student can get off the vehicle, and the temperature will be checked in front of the parent. If a student has a temperature greater than 100.5F (hyperthermia- fever would be 101.5F or higher), the student will not be allowed in class and will need to go back to the car with a parent. If the temperature is normal, then the student will be allowed in the school.

3 – During class

  • Non-contact or minimal contact activities depending on what is planned
  • Agree with attendance cards being handled by the instructor

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4 – After class

  • The student will stay in a 6-feet square; ancillary staff will call each student out to the shoe changing area once the parent (who will be inside the car) has been sighted.
  • Parents should align inside the car in front of the school to pick up students. Parents would ideally not get off the vehicle to pick up students.
  • We would have at least 20 min in-between classes to give time to apply social distancing during pick up and also clean mats giving time for the cleaning agent to work.
  • After removing shoes and before entering the mat’s area, alcohol hand sanitizer should be used by the student.
  • Once entering into the mat area student directly goes to the assigned 6-feet square holding water bottle which will be placed within the square.

5 – Air filtration advanced technology after classes ( after morning and after evening classes )