Professor Carlos Lemos Jr. Receives the 5th Degree on His Black Belt

Now that the storm of awesomeness of the @gbexperience winter camp 2020 has passed I can talk a little bit about the surprise that prof @draculinojj set up for the last day of camp. After talking to Master Carlos Gracie Jr, following his endorsement and blessing prof @draculinojj one of the GB strong pillars and heroes wrapped the 5th degree on my Black belt.
This 5th degree came after over 27 years of @graciebarra from which 19 years serving my GB family as a black belt.
This surprise totally@caught me off guard. Many of my students and best friends were there with their families, including my kids Akemi and Kenzo who are part of the continuation of Master Carlos’ dream and legacy.
I would like to thank Master Carlos for this great honor and prof @draculinojj for taking the initiative making this possible. This 5th degree doesn’t come close to the contributions you poured into the GB family but the reassurance of my service to our community and cause. Obrigado Mestre Carlos, obrigado prof @draculinojj, obrigado Gracie Barra e obrigado a todos que acreditam em meu trabalho.
~Carlos Lemos Jr.


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